An open letter to Sarah Palin

I feel deep in my #heart #change is ours the #people of the #heart of #Pachamama ( #Mother #Earth our home this Little Blue Dot ) if we wont it bad #enough…!

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An open letter to Sarah Palin:

Daughter of the Earth ~

I speak from the heart of my indigenous grandmothers. I want to share my
concern with and for you, your family, and our country. We have only three
choices in our lives ~ to act from Love; to act from Fear, or not to act
at all.

The day you were chosen to be John McCain’s running mate, I decided
to find out who you are. I looked up your voting record at

I read your voting record, and my heart plummeted into a well of deep
grief. We have the opportunity to co-create a reality that respects all
people and belief systems; all living beings; to explore and use
alternative energies that will not harm the earth; to feed all the peoples
of the earth; to address an economic system that is not and has not worked

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About kiwihighlander

I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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