Second Chance Eyes

Second Chance Eyes a Healing Song

Not many people know but on 28/12/12 I went into a coma for three weeks.
I had a cyst eating my pancreas, enzymes went around my body than into my brain which shut me down.
I developed acute renal failure, acute tubular necrosis, secondary to hypoperfusion of the kidneys.

I developed Pneumonia also my heart went out of Rhythm  which they used the paddles on me to bring my heart back to normal Rhythm. Also lost a lot of blood, I had 3 bags of blood at Ipswich Hospital & two bags of blood at the Gold Coast Hospital, I had a Premicath attached to my chest for hemodialysis. I had a team of Surgeon’s and a kidney team looking after me. I was told i was more than likely going be on kidney dialysis maybe the rest of my life!

When I woke from the coma it was a nightmare, madness, I couldn’t understand what had happen to me! I had a ventilator breathing for me, I couldn’t talk or write anything down as I was writing over top of the words I had no control my brain was not connecting. It must have been the next day from wakening up, they took the ventilator off me. I had to put my finger over the hole in my throat to talk it was hard but I made sounds than words, I was back! As I was trying to work out what happen I had a lot memories that I could only have had while I was in my coma!

I survived ICU but developed complications  by an anaphylactic reaction on hemodialysis subsequently I was transferred to the Gold Coast hospital for management of renal failure.

From there I had no more further reactions on HD (hemodialysis) and my kidney function quickly began to improve.

I was in the polyuria phase since the 28/01/13 and my last hemodialysis was on the 23/01/13 🙂

Everyone was amazed on how fast i was improving i went home on the 4/02/13 and it was a long healing process,

I had 3 months off work rebuilding my Muscle’s as I went from 95 kg to 78 kg lost a lot of muscle around my legs mainly. The first week after waking up from coma I couldn’t stand or walk with-out the aid of nurse’s and a walker!

I got A text one day on my twitter from Ashton Lane who asked me if I had a story to tell, looking into Esther O’Conner I found she was a singer, songwriter from Scotland in a band called Ashton Lane and I did have a story to tell…!

So we did a skype meeting I told her my story exchange some idears.

See I have these memories from when I was in the coma, one of which I was being healed by sound, music, bass the sounds were interacting with my body!

I wrote a poem “Cross-Over Healing Dance” and Esther & I collaboration came up with “Second Chance Eyes” a Healing Song was birthed!

You can also find “Second Chance Eyes” at these links also



A big thank you to Ashton Lane (Esther O’Conner, Tim O’Conner and James Duffin) for being part of my healing process 🙂

Latest Crop Circle at Ridgeway/Avebury on July 6th 2013. The Ridgeway Overton 9 Rings, could this be a form of Toroidal energy waves maybe a form of Sound Healing…!

Crop Circle July 6th latest:The Ridgeway Overton 9 Rings – Diatonic Scale and Einsteinian Physics


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I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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2 Responses to Second Chance Eyes

  1. Warren says:

    Hi Mike love the energy you spread, man that must have been one hell of an experience for you, I also believe there is something in sound healing and you are testament to that, I love the poem and song you all put together. Love to hear more from you. Warren

  2. Illusionists, faith healers, politicians, psychics, perhaps even mentalists use this particular hypnosis that allows them to hypnotize
    a lot of us into reasoning certain matters or working on things.
    The hypnotherapist has to expose the behavior to the client so the hypnotherapist has to look at the common dominators.

    People love to hear something nice about themselves.

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