End Time Nursing

"For my Mother Shirley who will be sadly missed"

End Time Nursing

By Graham Hill


All of us at sometime will die that unfortunately is a fact of life…..

As a nurse I’ve seen many people die without their loved ones with them.

And that is a crying shame not to be able to comfort a dying relative in their last days on earth.

AS nurses we hear relatives say why couldn’t I have arrived sooner. I’ve left it too late.

Readers there is another way you can nurse your loved ones in their own home.

There is in Queensland an awesome bunch of dedicated professionals, doctors, nurses, physios, councilllors on a 24 hour back up…..Just a phone call away to help you with your loved ones needs.

The other services that are supplied are too many to mention here.

But I can assure you reader because at this time of writing.

My loved one is receiving 4 star treatment in the privacy of her own home.

My family can come and go at will…… There is no rules about visiting hours… There is no restrictions on what to bring like gloves, good massage, music, DVD you know what I mean.

Which means that no phone calls in the early morning from a doctor you need to come in now…..I tell you that was a shock.

The thought that ran through my mine as I drove to QEII hospital….chased after one another. I was a shaking wreck as I passed through the door of I.C.U.

My wife is now comfortable as I write…My mind is clear, I rise from my bed.. No more visiting QEII for me….I can be in PJ’s, not spruced up like previous visits to the hospital. Then been told my wife is in X-Ray. Please wait in the waiting room.

Reader the freedom is wonderful.

I take calls day and night from my family no restrictions. My wife is in her own private room…..

I will close now readers.

Please consider what I’ve said the service I’ve just described to you is called the

Metro South Palliative Care Service, Brisbane, Australia

contact number (07)3169 9866.


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