Powertech applies for 30 more exploratory wells

Powertech applies for 30 more exploratory wells.
Powertech Uranium Mining Company already has more than 4,000 uranium exploratory
wells in the Dewey Burdock area. We challenged their wanting 160 more wells last
year but lost our fightNow they are applying for 30 more wells.
The following is the notice sent out by the state.
Hello Defenders,Two years ago we received the same kind of notice from
the SD Dept. of Environment in which Powertech Uranium mining company submitted an
application to drill 160 more exploratory wells in the southwestern Black Hills. 
We sent that notice to you in the last newsletter. At that time, we sent out a
form letter and those that signed and submitted their full mailing address were
given the opportunity to participate in a hearing. Those that only signed the
letter but not their address were not allowed to participate. We are including
another form letter at the end of this message.
If you want to object to Powertech
receiving permission to drill 30 more uranium exploratory wells, when they already
have 4,160 in the same area, then please cut, paste, print and send the form letter,
or your own letter in your own words to the address on the form letter.
Please include your full mailing address and print and sign your name to make sure you
are allowed to participate. You will then be notified of the hearing date. If you
live far away and know you might not be able to attend the hearing, you are allowed
to submit written objections to the hearing. It is all very formal and Defenders as
an organization was required to have an attorney represent them. We objected and asked
for a continuance but were denied. I did speak on behalf of Defenders at that time and
am again submitting a letter from Defenders but also from myself as an individual.
We already have the documentation that shows the past exploratory wells have already
contaminated the aquifers. Powertech needs to fill, cap, and mark the past wells
as they are now under Powertech’s use before they are allowed to drill any more new wells.
Thank you all for your support and prayers. Charmaine White Face, Coordinator
Defenders of the Black Hills
Oct. 24, 2008
SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Minerals and Mining Program
523 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre SD 57501-3182
Dear Sir:
Please accept this letter as a written objection to approval of an application by Powertech (USA) Inc.,
from drilling 30 exploration and condemnation holes for uranium in the Inyan Kara Formation located
approximately 13 miles northwest of Edgemont, SD.
I understand I have the right to present my objections to the South Dakota Board of
Minerals and Environment at a hearing and I will be notified of the date and time of the hearing.
I will present my objections at that time.
Thank you.
The Defenders of the Black Hills
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