We Are The New Medicine Ones

From: Red Heart ~*~ The bridge to any heart is LOVE Date: 10 May 2008, 10:45 AM

We Are The New Medicine Ones

Awaking to the realizations that the old ones are dying off and many have left us to move into the next journey. What does that make us? We are the new medicine people, rising up for a new age. It is no surprise that things on Mother Earth are heating up, for it has it not been foretold by those before us. We are also seeing the supernatural become closer to the point of everyday business in our lives.

If we have spirit eyes and spirit hearing we will know that there are also countless helpers, beyond the veil that is thinning. I have visitations by an array of helpers, that no one can see with human vision or hear with human ears. Many of my helpers are the very medicine people who have walked before me.

They help to teach me and guide me to walk in beauty and to use the many gifts I have to give to the whole circle of life,

With the many Earth changes and the many unseen things that are and about to happen upon Mother Earth, we are seeing and experiencing many shifts. We are being prepared to walk into the future. Part of our part is to awaken to ourselves, to realize that we are the next medicine people. You might wonder, what it is the Universe, or Spirit/God/ Great mystery, is doing in your life. You may be experiencing as many transitions in your life as we are beginning to see upon the rest of Mother Earth. You may go through periods of wondering what in the world is happening.

You are being prepared!

Between the ages of 35 to 50 you are now experiencing awakening to many things you were not aware of. You are meeting people you never dreamed you would meet. You are now beginning to feel a sense of something far beyond what you can sometimes even understand. You at times are feeling a quickening, and you have now a hunger and a thirst to explore, explore possibilities. If you are over 50, you are now stepping into your own, you are ready to exercise what you know is yours to give. You carry vital medicine for the whole circle of life and Mother Earth.

Change, great changes are about to come upon the whole Earth and we all are being made ready to face these changes. I am sure every human on the planet has been shaken awake from their own self importance and their personal agendas. I am sure that every person has had an encounter with a Spirit being in one form or another. I am sure every human on this Earth has received the news, the stirrings of changes coming.

It is up to us, yes us, as to how we are going to fair through the coming changes.

Are you taking note, are you awakening to the gentle prompting that has come and will continue to come, to get involved, to take notice to do something different, new that you have never done before?

Regardless if you believe it or not, we are all connected, we are all part of the whole and Spirit is the center of the whole, every part of the whole is vital to the well being of all humanity. In the past, much of the whole did not function properly, much of the whole was sick, much of the whole was not awake and were being drug along. Now every part of the whole is awakening, and beginning to heal, much of the whole is being urged to function properly for the good of the whole.

We all have healing effects and we all carry our own medicine to give. One has to to realize the vital part their personal medicine plays into the whole. We need your medicine, many of us are sick as well and you have the very medicine we need to become well and whole. You may not think you carry medicine to give to the whole circle of life, but I can assure you, that you do. You may not have discovered it yet, and in fact you may even be using your personal medicine in the wrong ways, which help the whole remain sick.

It is your medicine and it is you who has to seek it out first, others may come along and claim that you have good medicine to give, but you have to believe that you indeed have the medicine within you to give, and then you have to work on your personal intention on how you want to use your medicine to help the whole circle of life.

One of the major problems with humanity, is that after all these eons of time, we still have not learned how to work together for the good of the whole. We have lived our lives as independent entities. Separation begins in the mind and travels to the heart. When one hurts the whole hurts with it, you are not alone and there is medicine out here for every ailment. This is a Spirit truth that is, and that is beyond religions. This is truth unshakable truth regardless of what sect you belong to.

The whole circle of life and Mother Earth is in the condition it is in, because most of humanity wants to be carried by the rest of humanity. Most of humanity thinks of itself as being alone, suffering alone, etc. The truth is we are connected and that is one truth that has to become real in your mind and heart. Are you still being carried by the rest of humanity? That is a question you must ask yourself. Do you still feel alone, do you still feel that you suffer alone? Do you know your own medicine? We are not asking the right questions of ourselves. These are the questions to ask yourself.

We have precious little time to get our act together, things are speeding up and before you know it we are going to be deep into the changes and it is time now to get ready. Do everything you can to prepare yourself, because it is coming and it is coming faster than any of us know. Unless you realize you are part of something greater than yourself and your little world of your own imagination, and realize you carry vital medicine to heal Mother Earth and the whole circle of life, you will be cut off, just like a dead branch from a tree. For it is time that Mother Earth is about to shake the sickness from Herself, and to do away with everything that has worked to make Her sick. It is time where dead weight will be eliminated. She is not going to be impressed with how much money you have, or how fine your house and toys are, or if your famous. She is not interested in who you are or what you do, all She knows is that if you are not part of the whole and using your personal medicine to heal the whole circle of life, She will shake you off Her back.

It does not matter what faith you belong to or believe, these truths go across the board in all faiths, and it is time to stop trying to separate what this one believes and what that one believes. It is time to act like family and join the real human race out here trying to heal the whole of humanity and Mother Earth. If you do not awaken to the basic of these truths and if you still are bent on trying to prove you have the only truth, you will find yourself arguing the point as your falling in the time ahead, as you are shaken from your position in the days ahead. There is no love in arguing on who is right or wrong. There is one basic rule of the game, and that is to love….simple, to the point. No mystery, no supernatural act, just simply love, unconditionally. Look at all humanity as sacred and as your dearest relation, as you look at your child, mother, father, lover, etc. look at all humanity in that manner, and you will find, that indeed we are all related and connected.

Unless we begin to agree and start working together for the good of the whole, we are not going to be prepared for what is coming upon us all.

I urge you to see for yourself, that which you are, to discover your personal medicine and to begin to walk as you were created to walk. To begin to get past your own understanding and look to the basic truths. I urge you to work toward agreements instead of arguments with your relations, all your relations. I urge you to become color blind to skin color, and to become humble enough to look past your personal wealth, possessions, fame, misery, limited world, etc. and be willing to join the human race that is working toward healing and creating a better world for all….

I leave you with much love and energy for your personal success. You are vital to the whole, you have to learn and to believe that about yourself, you are a medicine person either in the making or one who has been seasoned by life. Awaken my precious loving sister, brother…and move into the changes that are coming, completely prepared.

Peace and Love
Red Heart


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I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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