Walk for the Missing in Canada

From: Red Road Awareness Date: 12 Mar 2008, 09:34 Am
From: Wahela BluejayDate: Mar 12, 2008 12:17 PM

Please forward on to all contacts interested in supporting the Walk for the Missing in Canada!
thanks everyone,

(to contact Gladys, use email address: walk4justice@yahoo.ca

Good day all my people. As you all know, we are organizing a walk4justice for the missing and murdered women. What we need to do now is gather information from all of your community’s. We especially need your lists of the women to include in our address to the prime minister and INAC. Our route plan will be starting from Victoria, which is now called mile zero. A group from Victoria, BC will be leaving for Vancouver on June 23, 2008 to meet us, then we will be leaving Vancouver on schedule June 25, 2008 along the Trans Canada. At this time I have 19 major stops nationally.

Vancouver to Hope 170 km
Hope to Kamloops 291 km
Kamloops to Revelstoke 219 km
Revelstoke to Lake Louise, Alta 220 km
Lake Louise to Calgary 180 km
Calgary to Medicine Hat 288 km
Medicine Hat to Swift Current, Sask 231 km
Swift Current to Regina 249 km
Regina to Brandon, Manitoba 372 km
Brandon to Winnipeg 225 km
Winnipeg to Kenora, Ontario 229 km
Kenora to Ignace 243 km
Ignace to Thunder Bay 256 km
Thunder Bay to Marathon 299 km
Marathon to Wawa 185 km
Wawa to Saulte Ste Marie 231 km
Sault Ste Marie to Sudbury 323 km
Sudbury to Mattawa 203 km
Mattawa to Ottawa 304 km

Vancouver to Ottawa 4,718 km
19 major stops
2,273 km in Ontario alone hehe WOW!

Please remember that these places were chosen according to the map that will get us from point A to point B. The stops can be changed according to the community planned events. For those of you who will be helping with the events, please contact me so we can tell our groups out here what you are doing.
For those who can we could sure use some help with the trip planning, writing proposals, banners, placards, artists, drivers, vehicles, accomodations, volunteers, walkers, runners, singers, dancers, elders, youth, men, women and children.
This walk is to seek justice, closure, equaility and accountability for the families of the women who have disappeared and the children they left behind.
I am also including our new website for the walk4justice.
To all the family members out there, my heart and prayers are always with you. I sincerely hope that this walk will get the positive results we are looking for….justice, closure, equality and accountablility….we need to break this silence and stand up for our future generations now. Without hope we have nothing.
I thank you all for your much valued time and support for the women and children.


Respect to all
Gladys Radek
Advocate for Highway of Tears

Gladys Radek
Advocate for the Highway of Tears


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