My Brother Was A Paraplegic The Secret To His Success

To my Friends here this is a one-off Plug for my Brother his story is a inspiration & if you are ever thinking of going to New Zealand for a holiday check his farmlet out, you will find the link at the bottem of this page!

For my Brother Warren
It was my 21st you were coming down from Brisbane when the motor cycle accident happened, I know what you personaly went though bro you have a huge heart and a super will-power in self belief that you can over come, with determination you walked Bro you are a huge inspiration and my Brother 🙂 Love ya Bro

Here’s his story

I Was A Paraplegic – The Secret To My Success

I have suffered back pain for over 29 years as the result of a motor cycle accident "bike meets car head on" not a good combination believe me and I am hear to give any advice that may help with your back pain.

The result of that accident was complete loss of all feeling and movement from the belly button down, I smashed my L4 – L5 vertebra & had a spear like bone pierce my spinal cord and had to have an operation to have it removed called a Laminectomy…. A few years later I had a spinal fusion preformed to stabilize the bones and reduce the pain… believe me this is the last procedure you want to have and I wished that I had waited till I was much older.

I went through years of major discomfort and serious pain… I was told by the best specialist that I will only have a 10 percent chance of ever walking again and that if I was lucky, I would have to wear calipers {steel leg braces} for the rest of my walking life…I was told that I would never be able to have children and doomed to a wheelchair.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, 9 months after the accident, I managed to move my big toe… my journey had began, I decided that day that I will walk again and no one was going to convince me this was not so. I only wore callipers for a short time while learning to stand and take my first steps again. The secret to my success was pure determination and a will far beyond what I thought was possible. I was weak, I went from 12 stone to 7 and a half stone and lost most of my mussels in my legs, I tried to use the parallel bars to train, but had no strength in my legs and arms and ended up on the floor and in more pain.

I had to come up with a kick arse plan, to beat the odds; I decided that my legs were useless at this point and that to train on the parallel bars, I had to use my arms to do the walking; after months of power training my arms into a solid machine of mussels, I was able to walk up and down the bars with my legs dangling, sliding along the floor, I was supported with the best pain relief and a ever encouraging support team of family, friends and professional medical therapist.

My training of the arms was a simple but consistent daily exercise with an old set of springs, you know the ones, with two handles and 6 strong springs between, I started with one spring, then 2 and so forth until I had all 6 springs stretching them out as far as they could go until I was pulling them 20 times to full stretch, I was now ready for action, I now felt ready and in control.

My objective was to start to rebuild the lost mussels in my legs and at this point, I still had hardly any lower feeling and no real control of my lower body. Day after day I went to the bars and just stood there on my arms and slowly put pressure on my legs, I would force them to move by throwing my body in a forward motion and the legs followed, more like a slide at first and slowly offering weight, I was impatient and sometimes fell to the floor but by god I was consistent and determined to beat the odds.

After months of training it slowly paid a dividend and I was able to increase the weight on my legs thus making my legs produce mussel tissue, slowly the legs wanted to move by them self’s, at every opportunity I would pull myself out of the wheel chair and just try to stand on my legs eventually I was able to stand without holding onto the bars the mussels in my legs had no choice but to start growing again. Every day it got easier and with less discomfort, the mussels started to get some sort of control, I took 1 step at a time, I tried to take 1 extra step a day eventually I moved onto crutches, believe me there’s no short cuts weeks turned into months but persistence paid off, eventually I was walking without calipers and I was a free man again.

I know some people with all their efforts cannot do what I did, I was extremely lucky, that one movement of my big toe was my sign that a better life awaited me and all it took was determination and a will bigger than I, with a detailed plan of attack. I have never been able to relieve the pain completely and will have to live with it till the day I leave this wonderful planet.

I am now 46 years old, I run a small farmlet with highland cattle, I still have and deal with back pain on a level that only back pain sufferers know, I have been able to hide my bad limp by keeping one of my legs lightly bent at the knees, I still have no or very little feeling below the knees and most people would not know that I am an incomplete paraplegic.

You don’t have to sit there and be afraid to try new things, I had major problems working in an office while living in the city, I was getting a little unfit and lazy, the pain was getting to much, so I decided it was time to get out of the city with a determination to get healthy again and start a mussel building program, so I brought a little farmlet a rundown property, keeps you active.

I kept my job but traveled to and from the farm, the idea was to take my time, do what I could and rest, do a little here and do a little there, slowly build up the mussel’s all over your body, especially your lower back and your abdominal groups, breath in the country air and loss some weight, stay at a healthy weight to height ratio, exercise daily, never overdo any task (it will still be there tomorrow}, but use consistency, the old saying "no pain no gain" is so true, use all the techniques in my free report and a happy more comfortable, life you can lead.

I hope what I have shared with you today gives you inspiration, less pain and a stronger will.
God Bless You

I have setup a website
dedicated to helping all those with back pain, neck pain and related pain, a place to source information in all areas of back pain issues, a place for family and support people, who would like to do research to understand to issues surrounding there loved one,s condition, you can download a free report titled Discover these simple yet amazing tips, tricks and techniques to prevent or release back pain!

My Brother’s small farmlet

Westport, South Island, New Zealand

Drop in and say Hi

A mountain and sea coast retreat with tranquility, the National park as your back neighbor panoramas being just part of the attractions.You can relax and throw a rod in catch your dinner or just beach comb pick mussels off the rocks.

Take a walk up along our creek, you can even pan for gold or watch the many Glow worms along the track that follows the creek up the valley. For those seeking a short stay over night or if you have a book to write or just want some time out.


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