8000 Drums Healing Ceremony

From: Blue Star Woman!

Date: 05 Mar 2008, 09:42 AM 8000 Drums Healing Ceremony
March 21, 2008 2PM EST

Gilles Novaks, who is a Montagnais Indian from Montreal and a Medicine Man and a Healer, requests all Tribal people (actually all peoples) to participate in a worldwide ceremony called the "8,000 Drums". He was contacted by two Huron Clan Grandmothers from up there in Canada and they asked him to help spread the word to all Indians everywhere. It will take place on March 21, 2008 at 12:00 noon MEXICO TIME (2:00PM Eastern Standard Time).

All you need to do is play a drum either alone, or with a group or have the whole Tribe participate. The purpose is to fulfill the OTOMI PROPHECY. The Otomi’s are Mayan Olmec and Toltec descendants. The drums will be played so that the Creator will hear us and grant our wishes as we pray for help in the Healing Process of our Mother Earth.

500 year-old Otomi Prophecy…When 8000 sacred drums play together, an intense healing of Mother Earth will commence.
Inca… Call it the "Age of Meeting Ourselves Again".

Hopi… Predict a 25 year period of purification followed by End of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth.

Mayan… Call it the "end days" or the end of time as we know it

Maori… Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.

Zulu… Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Hindu… Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.

Aztec… Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.

Pueblo… Acknowledge it’ll be the emergence into the Fifth World

Cherokee… Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.

Tibetan… Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting Coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt… According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD

Dogon… Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.


About kiwihighlander

I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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One Response to 8000 Drums Healing Ceremony

  1. Gilles says:

    Hello and thank you for working for the mother earth healing, please go to my site and rectify information.
    The important is the mission not the stories…
    Gilles Moashk Kovacs, Montagnais

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