Urgent Message- Press Release- Prophecy and Miracles

Sent to me by Harvey Arden – Harvey Arden was a National Geograpic staff writer for over 23 years
You know this is so cool, a miracle, and
check out the date!

tamra@NDNnews.com wrote:

> Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 22:14:50 -0500
> Subject: [Protecting_our_Ancestors_Sacred_Sites]
> Urgent Message ~ Animals and Anomalies, Prophecy and
> Miracles
> Press Release
> November 12, 2007
> Animals and Anomalies, Prophecy and Miracles
> Miracles are occurrences many find difficult to
> accept.
> Anomalies in the natural world always strike our
> attention.
> At the Woodland Zoo http://www.woodlandzoo.net a
> small private zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania owned
> by Jill and Sonny Herring, anomalies, or miracles,
> continue to occur.
> A known, yet uncommon anomaly is parthenogenesis. In
> layman’s terms, parthenogenesis would commonly be
> called a virgin birth, and is usually associated
> with invertebrates, plants, fish, frogs, insects,
> and lizards. It is not normally thought to be
> associated with mammals. However, there are some
> farmers who would tell you it’s not uncommon for
> turkeys and rabbits to give birth without
> fertilization as well. In most cases, the offspring
> are said to be identical to the mother (with a few
> exceptions like the Komodo Dragon Lizard and the
> Honey Bee).
> Yet another anomaly is albino animals. Considered a
> distinct category of anomaly, this is more commonly
> known to the mainstream mind. Albinos not only have
> white coloration to their fur or feathers but also
> normally have the trademark red eyes, pink nose,
> pink feet, and pink skin. Further, they also are
> often sterile. Prone to disease and especially
> susceptible to the affects of sunlight, albinos
> often have a very short lifespan.
> But a different class of anomaly, a true white
> creature which is not an albino, would certainly
> catch anyone’s eye. These white creatures maintain
> the normal characteristics of their species but do
> not exhibit the pink eyes, etc., of the albino.
> Born white, they may or may not stay white
> throughout their lifetime. Additionally, they
> often live a normal life and reproduce offspring
> which most commonly are not white.
> The odds are exceptionally high for the birth of a
> true white buffalo calf. It has been said to be 1
> in 10 million. For many of the Native American
> Nations, a white buffalo calf is considered highly
> sacred within their traditional culture and beliefs.
> In 1994, the white buffalo, Miracle, was born in
> Janesville, Wisconsin. According to reports, she
> was the first known white buffalo to be born since
> 1933. Yet, in the years since her birth, there have
> been at least 15 to 20 other white buffalo born.
> Some may be albino; some may have cow or yak genes
> which created the white. Nonetheless, it is clear
> that an unusual number of them are true white
> buffalo calves.
> In the normal fashion, in May 2006, one of their two
> female buffalo gave birth to a normal calf.
> However, six months later (without being fertilized
> by any male buffalo or other bovine), the same
> female gave birth to a fully-developed white buffalo
> calf on November 12, 2006.
> Since the gestation period for buffalo is 9 months,
> the birth alone was startling. That the calf was
> white was enough to draw the attention of American
> Indians around the country. That the female had not
> been impregnated is enough to draw the attention of
> indigenous spiritual leaders from around the world.
> The white calf, a male, was named Kenahkihinén,
> which means "Watch Over Us" in the Lenape language
> by local Natives descended of the Lenape Nation.
> The primary prophecies of the Lakota, Dakota, and
> Nakota [Sioux] Nations revolve around the appearance
> of a white buffalo calf and their traditional
> spiritual stories of a sacred white buffalo calf
> woman. In April of 2007, Oglala Lakota Spiritual
> Leader and Head Man, David Swallow, visited the zoo,
> blessing the calf and grounds. Local Native groups
> and other Native American spiritual leaders have
> visited and conducted ceremony as well. These
> calves are not worshipped but rather viewed as
> sacred messengers and fulfillment of prophecy.
> In June of 2007, Lakota spiritual leaders endorsed
> two people who live nearby to spiritually watch over
> the lives of the white buffalo calf: Hawk Michael
> Spisak, mixed blood Holikachuk and Shawnee, and his
> partner, Tamra Brennan, who is mixed blood Eastern
> Cherokee. They were sent to the Eastern Door, the
> Eastern part of the continent, with a ceremonial
> drum, a traditional staff, and a sacred c’anunpa (a
> sacred Lakota prayer pipe) to aid them in their
> commission. Both these people have been visiting the
> calf regularly to pray. With this endorsement comes
> the responsibility of hosting the many Indigenous
> spiritual leaders from around the world which are
> expected to visit, which many have already agreed to
> do so.
> However, on July 28, 2007, yet another remarkable
> event occurred. In the same pen as the white calf
> and his mother, resides a second, separate female
> buffalo. The Herrings have documented proof through
> USDA records there was no male buffalo or bovine
> present. Yet on that date, she gave birth to a black
> with four white legs female calf. Again, it is
> another instance of, for lack of better words,
> virgin birth.
> The zoo owners assure everyone that there was no
> male buffalo or any kind of creature on the premises
> that could have possibly impregnated these two
> buffalo. They further relate that no instance of
> artificial insemination was practiced. They are as
> shocked as everyone else. The Herrings are very
> open about what has happened and, although they
> currently lack the funds to do this, have stated
> that they are willing to allow anyone else to assume
> the financial responsibility for any genetic testing
> done on these buffalo calves. The Herrings stipulate
> that whomever does this testing will agree to be
> responsible for the health and welfare of either of
> these two calves, and if anything detrimental were
> to occur, that party would be held financially
> liable. The Herrings also ask that this testing be
> conducted through a reputable and well known
> laboratory.
> In the meantime, Spisak and Brennan realize the
> impact these events will have and the relevance they
> hold to all cultures. Many recognized spiritual
> leaders throughout the Americas have been contacted
> with regards to this event. Ceremony has been
> conducted and these two calves have been recognized
> as, again, for lack of better words, virgin births.
> These spiritual leaders agree this is an important
> event for all of mankind, and will issue statements
> with regards to this event in their time. All
> recognized spiritual leaders and elders from around
> the world are invited to come and hold ceremony in
> their own traditional ways with the calves, along
> with issuing a statement with regards to these two
> calves and this event, if they so desire . Anyone
> and everyone will be welcomed as visitors, by Jill
> and Sonny Herring of the Woodland Zoo as well as
> Hawk and Tamra.
> Several spiritual leaders have already issued
> statements regarding these buffalo, you can view
> their statements at http://www.BuffaloMessengers.com.
> Additional statements from other spiritual leaders,
> are on there way and will be added as they arrive.
> For More Information, Contact Hawk Spisak and Tamra
> Brennan at 304-789-5123


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