Where are 50,000 children buried?


Award winning Canadian documentary film


Nov 1  Hamilton Solidarity House
7 pm    779 Barton St East

Statement of Harry Wilson, age 54, Hesquait nation, Survivor of United
Church’s Alberni Indian Residential School (1959-1967); Witness to the
discovery of a corpse at same school; Plaintiff against the United Church
1998-2000 (editor’s italics)  My name is Harry Wilson. I went to the Port
Alberni residential school and found the dead body of a young native girl
there in 1967, right outside Caldwell Hall, she was from Prince Rupert,
sixteen, all covered in blood with no clothes on. I got raped with a
plunger by Mr.Plint and Mr. Andrews the Principal and they put me in a
hospital in Nanaimo after I reported the girl’s body, a padded cell like,
I was in there for months and they had me on drugs there and did electric
shocks to my head.

Right now I am homeless and live where I can on Hastings Street (in
Vancouver). There’s lots of my friends down here too, they all went to
Alberni school and a lot of them are dying from alcohol and diabetes.

I am sick and disgusted with how the United Church has gotten away with
the murder of my people. They get the government to throw a bit of money
at us and think that gets them off the hook for murder. I am also
disgusted with the picture of the native boy on that church’s website
(B.C. Conference). They raped and killed lots of kids like him and they
don t even say where these kids are buried, like the girl I found. So what
gives them the right to use our picture like that? I want them to take it
off their website, they should be ashamed.

I got compensation money in 2000 but it’s all gone now and I’m told if I
talk about me finding the girl’s body anymore I can go to jail*.
Mostly I live off the bottles and cans I get out of garbage cans along
Hastings. But my lawyer made over $100,000 off me.

I want the United Church put on trial for all the kids they killed at
Alberni. I think their top boss should be in jail and until he is I don’t
think there’s any justice.

Harry Wilson
23 September, 2007
Vancouver, Canada

Kevin Annett, former United Church minister in Port Alberni and producer
of Unrepentant will be in
HAMILTON  Thursday November 1
for film and discussion at Hamilton Solidarity House
        7 pm    779 Barton St East

Donations at the door to help pay Kevin’s expenses.
$5-$10 appreciated, but pay what you can. No one turned away.

Learn about the Hidden history of Canada

"Kevin is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many who have
received it in the past."
– Dr. Noam Chomsky
Institute Professor Emeritus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"A courageous and inspiring man."
(referring to Kevin Annett)
– Mairead Corrigan-Maguire
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Belfast , Northern Ireland

Harry Wilson’s statement Issued under Common Cause copyright; please quote
and reprint on condition that the author is named. This statement was made
by Harry Wilson in the studios of  Vancouver Co-op Radio on the above
date, before witnesses.

* The Government of Canada requires that a confidentiality agreement be
signed by all Indigenous people accepting any compensation for
residential school abuses , so they will not talk publicly nor in
private, nor to the media, etc. about their experiences.They are not to
speak of it at all.

This, of course, makes therapy and healing very difficult.

peace is possible


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