The Genocide of Native Americans


The Genocide of Native Americans

The genocide of Native Americans didn’t end with the Trail of Tears. It has never ended.

Native Americans retain barely 4% of the land in the United States. These islands "reserved" for Native Americans are being exploited and are under attack for the same motivation that has nearly wiped off Native Americans from the face of the earth:


Money above culture. Money above self-determination. Money above freedom. Money above respecting sovereignty of other nations. Money above human dignity. Money above happiness.

Nearly all 317 U.S. reservations are under serious environmental threats.

Many reservations also live in abject poverty.

The sins of the United States’ past are the sins of the United States’ present. Why? Because we have not learned our lessons. Why? Because we are still doing the same mistakes and the same evils.

Even a simple effort such as every car driver properly inflating their tires would in itself stop the pressure, for example, to drill in the pristine wilderness and homeland of Native Americans in Alaska and elsewhere.

Consumerism and overconsumption is directly connected to the destruction of the environment, a foreign policy obsessed with exploiting third world countries and supporting dictators if "necessary", the pyschological malaise and high rates of suicide in industrialized nations, especially the United States.

We do not need to use so much energy. We do not need to consume so much. Your consumption has far-reaching consequences, many that you wouldn’t even suspect.

If people stopped being influenced by advertisers and consumed less and indifferently to hype and advertising became a negative investment for corporations, advertising would decrease. Eating disorders and massive unhappiness among women would decrease. As an advertising-addicted corporate media would see declining revenues, independent media would flourish even more with its decline. As the effectiveness of "branding" dissipates, big business would find it more difficult to replicate itself through the world and local business would find it somewhat more easily to compete.

Do you ever stop yourself and ask yourself why you need to buy all these things? Why you must drive so much or even have a car? Do you really think that you are happy? Do you really think you could not be just as happy if not happier without all these things?

You are part of the system.

Our seeming "insignificant" consumer choices are directly tied to things such as the Dooda Desert Rock Barricade happening in New Mexico. Native Americans are under siege to sacrifice their land and environmental health to feed the needs of a system that many mindlessly support.

It begun on December 2006. The struggle is still happening — right now. Of course, big media, corporate media that is, financially interlocked with the likes of Chevron and (even) Halliburton aren’t going to tell you about the modern plight of Native Americans.

It is an almost universal truth that multinational corporations all would like to see the resources of Native American reservations opened up for corporate profit.



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I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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