Exopolitics Radio – Alfred Webre- Nuclear Free Zone

" Exopolitics: Steve Bassett on the " ET Ticket " for 2008
Part 1: Alfred Webre on Martial Law ( military government ) & USA "
Exopolitics: Extraterrestrials & Nuclear Weapons
Dr. Michael Salla & Alfred Webre – Nuclear_Free_Zone
Exopolitics Institute
Political Analysis & Activism in Extraterrestrial Affairs
Exopolitics: Politics, Government & Law in the Universe
Earth Transformation Conference
New Science & Technologies, Spirituality, Dolphins & Exopolitics
The Disclosure Project
" Is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret."

About kiwihighlander

I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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