07/03/07: 3 days to Live Earth



07/03/07: 3 days to Live Earth

THE WORLDSPACE BLOGGER is back!  3 Days to Live Earth and counting.  I just saw an interesting article about Live Earth that I thought I’d share with you…mostly because i agree with it.  MSN has released a "Top Ten shows that will make Live Earth a day to remember" list.  It is as follows

1. Soweto Gospel Choir: Sure, there’s great music on every stage at Live Earth, but if one act rises above all the others — sorry, Sting — it’s the Soweto Gospel Choir. This South African group is that rarity among performers, a showcase of fantastic musicians and a cultural event in itself. Listening to the SGC is an experience of hope’s triumph over oppression, and of courage trumping cynicism. These ambassadors of joy are performing on the Johannesburg stage of Live Earth. Tune in to get your mind blown, your heart warmed and your spirits lifted.

2. Smashing Pumpkins: You remember him: arrogant, nasally, silly. All true, but Billy Corgan, the brain and heart behind Smashing Pumpkins, was also a rock ‘n’ roll groundbreaker, fusing the psychedelic metal-swirl of Jane’s Addiction with the instinct of a jazzy, late-night crooner, and in turn producing some of the catchiest, hardest-rocking music of the ’90s. Records such as "Gish" and "Siamese Dream" still possess a romantic blast, a bracing combination of light and dark. Not to mention that Corgan, no matter who’s behind him as the rest of Smashing Pumpkins, is a fine showman, and will be in full effect at Giants Stadium.

3. Wolfmother: Sometimes irony can be a good thing. Wolfmother sound like they’ve been time-ported in from the mid-’70s, with a sludgy stew of unforgettable riffs and singing that sounds like a melodious cat in heat. They blast and caterwaul through mid-tempo songs overdriven with the sound of Marshall Stacks, rumbling bass and thuddy drums. Their lyrics are a cornucopia of Middle-earth good times, chronicling damsels in distress, nasty witches, furry gnomes and one very white unicorn. Currently taking the rock world by the elf-boots with their self-titled debut, Wolfmother will be playing on Live Earth’s Sydney stage, in their native Australia.

4. Yellow Magic Orchestra: The wild card on this list, Yellow Magic Orchestra is the best band you never knew you were familiar with. Though only around from 1978 to 1983, and hailing from Japan — not a country known for exporting new music to Western audiences — YMO revolutionized the use of synthesizers in pop. On albums such as 1981’s "Technodelic," this trio from Tokyo laid the groundwork for the evolution of electronic music in the ’90s and beyond. Slated for the Live Earth stage in Kyoto, this is a show you definitely want to tune in for.

5. The Parlotones: Have you ever wanted to say that you saw a world-famous band play before they were world-famous? Envy that older brother of yours who saw the Police in 1979? Well, you may not be able to say you were in the crowd at Johannesburg, but if you catch the Parlotones on TV, it’ll be the next best thing. This South African quartet is set to blow up, and blow up big. Their last record, "Radiocontrolledrobot," was a huge hit in their native country, and music presses far from home have rightfully acclaimed their pop-rock sounds.

6. Michael Nyman: Michael who? You’ve heard the music of composer Michael Nyman numerous times without knowing it. In more than 50 movies, ranging from "The Piano" to "Gattaca," Nyman has crafted scores with a sweeping beauty matched only by Ennio Morricone. He also has composed for television and video games, and has written operas, concertos and librettos. Performing on the Live Earth Kyoto stage, Nyman is sure to have a large cast of top-notch musicians to help him re-create his massive yet minimalist compositions on stage, compositions that echo the work of Steve Reich and Philip Glass in their simple majesty.

7. Roger Waters: The former leader of Pink Floyd has been busy of late, continuing with the impressive solo career he began more than 20 years ago. His latest record, 2005’s "Ça Ira," is an opera — no small thing — and in 2006 Waters staged and performed a concert version of the work in Rome and Poznan, Poland. Though his Live Earth show at Giants Stadium isn’t the natural buzz-generator that the Pink Floyd reunion at Live 8 was, his upcoming performance promises to remind us that he still very much merits our attention.

8. Snoop Dogg: Though not exactly his home turf, the Hamburg stage of Live Earth will sway and swing with the rolling grooves of Snoop Dogg, musician, actor and producer. The great thing about Snoop is that he’s not the godfather of hip-hop. Instead, Snoop, born with the amazing name of Calvin Cordozar Broadus, is more like its cool uncle: approachable, funny and dirty, a good time but not a person you’d ever cross. Lately he’s been busy acting, touring to support his new record, "Boss’ Life," from his "Blue Carpet Treatment" album, and generally acting like a pirate. Fo’ shizzle.

9. Beastie Boys: A highlight of Live Earth’s London stage, the Beastie Boys’ appearance is part of a hectic year for the trio from the Big Apple, whose new album, "The Mix-Up," will be released June 26. And here’s the kicker: It’s all instrumental. Still, you can be sure that when the band takes the stage at Wembley Stadium, they’ll be playing all manner of legendary tracks from totemic albums such as 1992’s "Check Your Head" and 1998’s "Hello Nasty." It is records such as these that established the band as the missing link between hip-hop and rock; their influence on modern music cannot be overstated.

10. Spinal Tap: Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls — played by actor-musicians Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, respectively — are back where they belong: at Wembley Stadium, where they will run through all the hits (and plenty of misses, too) from their hilarious oeuvre. And yes, they really can play.


Here at WorldSpace, we’ve seen most of those bands perform and we know they will rock (especially Soweto Gospel Choir and Yellow Magic Orchestra).  But we’d like to add 5 more acts to the list.  Each of these may be lesser known, but they each put on shows that you don’t want to miss…
1. Zola: As a poet, actor, and musician, Zola has emerged as the superstar of Kwaito and is a man blessed with many talents.  Zola grew up in Soweto, in the ghetto called Zola, hence the name.  Though he is standing on the brink of greatness, he is under no misconception of his past or future.
2. Reamonn: The German-based band already has a multi-platinum resumé, conquering new territories with every release, but their fourth studio album ‘Wish’ is one we’re likely to look back on soon as the staging post to a new level of creative and commercial achievement.
3. Babba Maal: Senegalese artist Baaba Maal is a giant of world music, blowing away audiences all over the globe and achieving legendary status on his home continent. His high, uplifting vocals, powerfully plaintive wails and twisting melodies can send shivers down your spine and raise the hair on the back of your neck.
4. Mana: Jamaica had Bob Marley and the Wailers. Ireland has U2. America has Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Mexico has Maná!
5. Blue King Brown: Underscored by the fiery vocals and political lyrics of Natalie Paapaa, you can hear the afro-beat, reggae, world and Latin influence, but the band has created a distinctly original sound. A refreshing take on roots music, uniquely Australian yet with an unquestionable international feel. 

(a quick tip to live an Earth-friendly life)

       http://www.retroondemand.com/0audio/wimpy_button.swf Live Earth "DAILY GREEN MEASSAGE 27"

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