Greetings from Ireland

Update from Dave Bailey – LPDC representative

From: Els
Date: 07 Jun 2007, 05:16 AM

From: Dave
Date: Jun 6, 2007 11:46 PM

Greetings from Ireland,

Since my last update, there have been several changes of staff here at the LPDC. I want to begin this update by wishing Barry Bachrach all the best in enjoying his retirement. He has the amazing fortune of being able to enjoy the Boston Red Sox season from the Vatican itself (Fenway Park) and for that I am profoundly jealous! Enjoy your retirement, Barry, and thanks for all the years of hard work. Go Sox!!

After more than a year in Ireland, I was able to spend some quality time back in the States. I’ve been there and am back by now, ready to get back to work on Native issues within the European arena. When I arrived stateside, I went through the Homeland Security welcoming party and was irked by what I experienced. Travelling through Customs in Atlanta airport was a rude awakening for me. I was shocked at how much of an aggressive police state the ‘us’ has become since I’ve been away. Honestly, I was reminded of being in Basic Training in the military. One positive thing the experience accomplished was to let me know just how much of a battle we have facing us and our struggle as activists. COINTELPRO has been legalized in the form of the Patriot Act and the Orwellian prophesies of Big Brother seem to have come into fruition. Crossing into the processing section for international travellers entering the ‘us’, I passed under a menacing sign that said something about Homeland Security- US Customs and Border Patrol, or something to that effect. It reminded me of the images you see in old World War II footage of Dachau or Auschwitz. "Your Work Shall Set You Free." Welcome Home. Our work is very clearly cut out for us. It’s time to Rise!

Funnily enough, all the intimidation reminds me of a saying I’ve heard more times than I can remember, something about a dog with a loud bark and no bite. Sound familiar? One thing I’ve learned in the time I’ve been an activist is: they’re afraid of us. Huh? Let me explain. They’re afraid of us. They always have been. For example, ponder this: who yells louder than a man who is afraid? Their abuse, their violations of our constitutional rights, their increased security measures and intimidation are really their way of reassuring themselves that they still have us under their control.

They’re afraid of us. They’re afraid of the power we have, the power they know they can’t destroy. So, the aggression continues and increases to the point where mass hysteria is created, thereby causing the backlash that will create the resistance they fear. But alas, there is hope closely at hand.

In our day and time we have the opportunity to see Leonard Peltier go free. In our day and time we have the opportunity to see human rights abuses around the world come to an end by collectively putting our voices together in defiance and saying, ‘We will not stop! We will not stop resisting; we will not stop saying "Enough! Ya Basta!".’ It’s time to rise.

And in so doing, we will send a message to the imperialists that their day is very quickly coming to an end. For the indigenous man and the indigenous woman once again have the opportunity to walk the cliffs of their ancestors, to look down into the valleys and look up into the mountain peaks of their fathers and grandfathers, their mothers and grandmothers before them. And so we, too, as Indian people have a day quickly dawning when our grievances will be addressed with proper respect and our dignity will be restored, but only when we ourselves insist on it. We must take our dignity back.

We are coming to a time when the invader, with their sharp and vicious metallic teeth lashes out spasmodic in the throws of death refusing to give in. Struggle to remain though we are guaranteed they will, we will put that beast to sleep once and for all.

There’s an old saying that admonishes the wise not to believe everything one sees and hears. This is especially true with homogenised news media broadcasting sterile, censored, pre-packaged propaganda into our living rooms, bedrooms and over our car radios on a daily and nightly basis. Anyone receiving this e-mail is connected to a much larger data base of news and information over the World Wide Web. Fellow cyber-surfers have an increased ability to receive news from around the world, as well as from various struggles around the world. This is a good thing, except for when it’s abused and misused. A word of caution: the invader will not go lightly. Neither will they fail to stop at any trick to keep us from accomplishing what they fear the most. We must always remember that it is their job to keep us struggling. It is our job, in the struggle, to put ourselves out of business.

We must not be fooled our manipulated by what is sometimes disguised as news over the Internet, or in any other media source. Often times this happens as a deliberate attempt by those who stand the most to gain from our failures, disorientation, confusion and in-fighting. We must be wary of those with any self-serving agenda to be fostered by spreading lies and deceit over the Internet and any other form of mass communication. A lie, often enough repeated, is still a lie. This newest tool for activists to keep each other informed is also the newest tool for those who would destroy us to use against us, attempting to harvest confusion from within our ranks. I don’t presume to be telling anyone anything they don’t already know, rather reminding and reiterating.

The wolves have surrounded our doors. They always have. For five-hundred years they have prowled around our door steps, seeking to devour the first sign of Native resistance. Today is no different. We should, all of us, be leery of the vultures that circle overhead looking with hunger in their eyes for the first sign of weakness from us. Our day is very quickly dawning. Their day is quickly coming to an end.

To all those struggling for prisoner’s of conscience, for the Sovereign Dineh Nation or for Big Mountain and Black Mesa, for those struggling for our sacred Bear Butte/ Noavose/ Mato Paha; I would say, ‘Let’s band together, work together, and join our voices together in our common cause. I would, and do, say the same for those struggling in Chiapas, Mexico, the occupied territory of Palestine, Belfast, Northern Ireland and elsewhere around the world. Our day is quickly coming, their eve is descending rapidly.

To Leonard Peltier I would say, ‘Hang in there, brother. We’ll get you out of there real soon.’ At the moment, Leonard Peltier and his campaign are facing numerous attempts to distract it, all at a time when his clemency campaign has been tied in directly to the current Democratic primaries. We have to seize this opportunity. We may not get another one. In order to capitalize and cash-in on this golden chance, we must look past any attempts to dissuade or lead astray. We must stay resolute with steely gaze and iron, unflinching focus. In this day and time, we can see Leonard Peltier go free. The moment is just around the corner… and as always, so are the vultures.

For more information on how you can continue to work to destroy the Evil Empire, stay tuned for future communiqués from your comrades here at the LPDC… and for Christmas, I want a wolf skin coat and a vulture hat. Until my next update, I’ll leave you with the words of Brazilian musician Max Cavelara. Refuse/ Resist!

Dave Bailey; aka: Frank Fencepost
Northern Cheyenne
LPDC Representative
Member—Confederation of Autonomous Chapters
of the American Indian Movement (AIM)


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