Celebration of Global Love Day on May 1, 2004

Global Love Day

The Love Foundation, Inc. launched the first celebration of Global Love
Day on May 1, 2004. Since that time, over 100 Governors and community
leaders have signed proclamations making May 1st "Global Love Day."  You
are invited to celebrate this day by consciously focusing on love and
its meaning to you.  This year’s theme is, "Love Begins With Me."


Gold Depot invites you to participate in the fourth annual Global Love
Day on Tuesday, May 1st, 2007.  There is no charge, although donations
are encouraged to support future events.  The Golden Opportunity
Learning Depot is a Sedona based center where adults and children are invited
to share knowledge, support healthy lifestyles, and celebrate life in
communion with nature. Gold Depot provides a nurturing environment for
people who are on spiritual retreat and seek self-empowerment. 

At 9 a.m., we will have a planting ceremony. As we sow the seeds, we
will plant our prayers and intentions of love and peace.

After the planting, we will gather for a Ghandarva Ceremony. We will
chant and sing songs of gratitude, raising the vibration around us and
sending these intentions out to the world. You are invited to bring
fruit, snacks, or flowers to place on the altar. 

We will close with an "Angel Walk," which is another beautiful and
uplifting ceremony.

You are then invited to stay for a picnic lunch, socialize, and make
new friends and to explore the trails on and adjacent to Gold Depot.


Please bring a hat, gardening gloves, drinking water, picnic lunch for
members of your party, itmes for the altar, and your precious self.

For directions or to RSVP, please call or email:

Theresa Crabtree



You can participate many ways in Global Love Day.  Please go to
http://www.thelovefoundation.com for gatherings in your area and for ideas on how you
can participate at home or with your community.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has pioneered the connection of water and the power of
our thoughts by creating ways to photograph the corresponding crystal
formation. He kindly offered to have his laboratory do this process with
the thought and image of Global Love Day. By going to
www.thelovefoundation.com, you can view the beautiful crystal clearly showing the
effects of global love and gratitude on life.


About kiwihighlander

I was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) I do not necessarily agree with or endorse all of the views presented here. This is a learning curve! I have a wide range of interesting trivia or facts on a variety of topics with-in this blog, also like to show a presentation of some of my photography & art. Hope your day has been kind :-)
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